Everybody’s back from holidays, and there’s a cloud of blue in the air, but you don’t have to get caught in it. How about extending that holiday feeling to work by keeping some of the habits that you had while you were off work?

Avoid rush hour

Swapping a lazy late-morning stroll to the beach for a dreary commute to work is sad. How about skipping the crammed train carriage or traffic jam by leaving earlier or later? You could always do your first hour of work at home – the chances are you’ll get more done with fewer interruptions.

Read a book during the day

You may have finally had time to open a decent book and feed your brain. It’s a good idea to get your eyes away from the screen regularly, so how about keeping a book on your desk for reading breaks? Leave Game of Thrones at home – reading a business-related book will help you improve your work, so you’re technically still working.

Spend more time in daylight

You don’t need sunny weather to feel some benefits of the outdoors. Leave the fluorescent office lights and get some sunlight on your skin. You don’t have to wait until lunchtime. How about combining your next one-to-one discussion with a walk, rather than sitting in a dark meeting room?

Move your body

I bet you didn’t spend your holiday sat in an office chair glued to a screen. Get off the bus a stop early. Visit the swimming pool and pretend you’re in a nice hotel abroad.

Make time to be alone

If you’ve got a constant queue of people with requests and problems at your desk, how about booking yourself a meeting room for an hour out so? Having some time alone allows you to recharge your batteries while focusing on quality work.

Switch your email off

Remember when you weren’t a slave to your inbox, just for a bit? You can recreate this feeling every day. Most jobs don’t require people to react to incoming requests immediately, so try turning your notifications off and closing your mail apps. Schedule email-checking periods throughout the day, maybe once an hour. Now see if you’re brave enough to do the same with your phone.

Eat a decent breakfast

Whether you overindulge on food or not, holidays give you time to have a proper breakfast every day, so you’re set up with more energy and a better mood every day. Make time for breakfast and buy some of the healthy stuff that felt like a treat at your hotel buffet.

Limit your work wardrobe

Making lots of decisions wears you out mentally. Something you may have taken for granted on holiday is that not taking your entire wardrobe meant you couldn’t waste energy working out clothes combinations. However, you did plan ahead, so you had appropriate attire. You don’t need a Steve Jobs style uniform, but a little wardrobe clear-out will save you some hassle.

Book some exciting activities

Whether you were thrilled by kayaking, wine-tasting or local clubs on your travels, schedule some things into your diary that keep you stimulated. You don’t need to limit these to personal time – how about sorting out some team outings?

Pamper yourself

I know lots of people that will happily have a massage when they’re lying on a beach in Asia but never dream of doing the same in their home town. Don’t wait for another holiday to treat yourself – these little indulgences are good for your mental health.